Let's bike together!

Bike Home Chicago is a forward thinking way of touring real estate by bicycle. Whether you are in the market for single family home, condo, co-op, or apartment, I can help you navigate the complicated process of finding or selling your next home. Let’s explore the city together and find the right place for you.

Chicago is beautiful. I think it’s great to explore the neighborhoods by bike to see their real charm. Biking is a safe, green way to navigate the city. That’s why I started Bike Home Chicago to bring biking to real estate. It’s a personal passion of mine and I look forward to riding with you. If someone touring with you is not a bicyclist, we can drive. In an effort to be as environmentally friendly as possible, I drive a Tesla Model Y which I charge at home.

  • Why choose between making time for a bike ride and searching for a new home? Don’t, let’s do both.
  • Why spend time straining through emails of bad properties to find a decent one? Don’t, I enjoy searching. I will find you a great one.

Why bike with me?

Finding your next home may seem confusing, misleading and time-consuming: Let me help you navigate through this process so we can find a great home that will be your safe space to decompress from your demanding life.